Professional aerial photography for film, cinema & TV from Hannover Germany

DIGICOPTER® is one of the best in the world in the field of professional aerial photography for film, cinema and TV. Whether on land, on water or in the air, indoors or outdoors - we are ready for you at any time around the globe.

Directing greats like Oliver Stone, Wolfgang Petersen, Til Schweiger or cinematographers like Oscar winner Anthony Dod Mantle have already worked side by side with DIGICOPTER®.

We are flexible and well equipped for even the most special visions. The motors of our DIGICOPTER® technology are low-noise and 100% emission-free. This makes our technology ideally suited even for particularly sensitive environments

DIGICOPTER® film technology - simply closer to the action

Whether especially close to the protagonist, in the midst of fast-paced chases directly above the asphalt, or at lofty heights from an observing bird's-eye view - DIGICOPTER® provides a completely new quality and dramaturgy for your next project with its incomparable shots.

From Hanover into the wide world of film

Behind DIGICOPTER® from Hannover is a well-rehearsed team of experienced drone pilots, cameramen, management and experienced marketing experts. We work completely self-sufficiently and bring a high degree of flexibility to every production. Within
15 to 20 minutes we are completely ready for action or take-off. Where should we shoot for you?

Perfectly organized for any film project

The DIGICOPTER® team consists of certified drone pilots. Each flight of our productions is registered in advance by us with the relevant authorities. This significantly minimizes the commercial-organizational effort for your project. 
We leave nothing to chance. Multiple backups as well as pre-testing of the filmed material is carried out immediately after landing. Potential failures or malfunctions are directly prevented by our quality assurance of the flying equipment. We fly with a total weight permitted in Germany - depending on the area of application and customer specifications.

Corporate Filme

For a wide range of companies, it is crucial to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Whether with image films or exciting social media content - DIGICOPTER® brings the necessary experience and has already worked with a wide range of national and international clients, including Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW, Vodafone, TUI, and many more.


  • high resolution camera video/photo 8K
  • RED Helium 8K
  • ARRI Alexa MINI
  • Blackmagic Cinema Camera 4K RAW
  • Panasonic GH5 in 4.4.2 and 4K
  • Panasonic 1080p/50P, GH4
  • DIGImove® camera stabilization system
  • DJI Inspire 2 with X7 ProRes DNG, Mavic Pro2
  • HDTV Wireless Live Broadcasting
  • Fast emission-free and low-noise flights
  • Flexible areas of application (cinema, feature film, TV, advertising and image film, music videos, live events)
  • Price advantage compared to manned helicopter flights
  • Can be used almost everywhere (with permission) and especially fast within 15 to 20 min.
  • Stable horizon acquisition over all axes
  • Environmentally friendly battery operation (self-sufficient power supply on set)
  • Low wind turbulence
  • Particularly fast and flexible deployment ( within
  • Worldwide use (Europe, USA, Asia)
  • Immediate viewing and evaluation of the shot material
  • Fail-safe due to autopilot and GPS
  • Austro CONTROL certified 2015/2017
  • Insurance coverage EU/US
  • Ascent permission in all German federal states
  • Stable horizon acquisition over all axes
  • Spare flying equipment (drones) always available
  • True professionals with more than 15 years of flight and camera experience
  • Pilot and chief developer Martin Rinderknecht
  • Top Camera Operator Nikolaij Georgiew
  • Top Camera Operator Johannes Heine
  • Additional professional staff on set (Camera Assistant, etc.)